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Mentoring Across Borders

Καθοδήγηση νέων πέρα από τα σύνορα
The MAB project will organize and train established professional adults aged 50+ as mentors. These volunteers will help younger people aged 18-30, including those at risk of marginalisation, to develop their professional skills.‍

The EU-funded project will run for two years and will create an online platform to help match mentors and mentees: older mentors will offer their knowledge and experience and younger people can register for guidance in their field of interest.

In the first months of the project, we worked to lay the groundwork for the project:

  1. We established the methodology on which the mentoring program will operate and are defining the roles of the mentoring hubs, mentors and trainees;

  2. We are developing the web-based mentoring platform. Mentoring hubs, mentors and mentees register on the platform and mentors and mentees can be matched also across EU borders through the platform;

  3. We put in place mechanism to ensure that all project results will be of high quality;

  4. We created the website, social media channels and promotional materials to disseminate the project.

Please follow the link below for more details:


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