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The Cyprus Third Age Observatory, in collaboration with certified trainers, provides high-quality training services, recognized and approved by the Human Resources Development Authority and other Organizations.


The following training programme is the intellectual property of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory and is strictly prohibited to sell, copy, replicate, modify, reproduce, transmit and distribute in any way the whole or a part it. Copyright © Cyprus Third Age Observatory. All rights reserved.

Basic Training of Social Carers  (100 hours)

  • Introduction to basic caregiver training

  • Legal and ethical issues

  • Communication and its importance

  • I observe - I report - I record

  • Emergencies

  • First aid

  • Nutrition and food safety

  • and more!

  • Introduction to the fundamental principles of care and the values and standards set out in the roadmap for care for the next decade

  • Legal and ethical issues arising during the care process

  • The system of values and principles that govern society and affects the disabled, the mentally ill, and the elderly and their care in general

  • Legal, ethical and social data, stereotypes, prejudices, and precautions

  • Communication and its importance in the care process

  • I observe I report I record during care

  • Emergencies, falls, casualties, and safety in case of fire and other incidents

  • Wound management

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