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a volunteer is a citizen who offers self-indulgent time or knowledge for valuable actions for the benefit of others without waiting for anything in return

the Greek word for volunteer is e(thelo)ntis coming from the word THELO which means I WANT

volunteers in a circle


​Become a member and actively support the activities of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory!

To become a member of our Organization, you need to complete the following membership application. After completing it, you will receive a confirmation that the application has been received in your email. We will contact you immediately for more information after the registration process.

Regular members pay €25 monthly

Regular Members can participate in the Organization's daily activities as described on the "Memory and Creative Expression Centre" page. In addition, they will be able to receive counseling services from a group of collaborative professionals (e.g., psychologists, occupational therapists, etc.) with significantly reduced charges. 


The support of each individual is invaluable to us. With the help and support of our volunteers, we can do even more. We thank you very much for your interest and for your selfless offer. Upon registration, the Volunteers Department will contact you to inform you about the activities of the Organization and to let us know in which areas you can actively get involved. 

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