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Memory and Creative Expression Centre
"Moesis Stylianou"

The Memory and Creative Expression Centre "Moisis Stylianou" is located close to the centre of Limassol, adjacent to the Lyceum of Apostles Peter and Paul. It is an open service structure for adults of the Third Age, with the primary objective being to socialize its members and friends, strengthen their cognitive condition, mobilize them, preserve their skills and at the same time help them to express themselves creatively either individually or in group activities, improve their physical health and organize special events and activities. 


That is achieved through various therapeutic and recreational programs, such as physical exercise, ergotherapy, music therapy, drama therapy, group sessions, outdoor activities, games, thematic construction activities, weekly psychological sessions, and much more. An essential factor of the Centre's activities is to act both at the level of psychosocial rehabilitation and the level of prevention and information for good and mental health.


Moreover, special seminars and training programs for professional and social carers are organized by certified trainers.

Παρατηρητήριο Τρίτης Ηλικίας Κύπρου

Indicatively, the weekly program of the Centre includes (among others):

  • Cognitive enhancement

  • Physical exercise

  • Music therapy 

  • Dance therapy

  • Creative expression through thematic pillars 

  • Recreational activities

  • Training of volunteers and social carers

  • Open discussions and lectures


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