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It's not the years of your life that counts but the life in your years!

Dear friends,

The rapid ageing of the population in Cyprus reveals the substantial problems the Third Age people are facing. Ageism, open intergenerational conflict, abandonment, maltreatment, neglect, and abuse of the elderly should leave no one unconcerned. The ignorance of our society of the problems and bad quality of life of our older people is so substantial that virtually a handful of people are interested in giving them hope and a better quality of life. 


Therefore, we all need to support actions and practices that will improve the quality of life of our senior citizens and eradicate behaviors that bring them to the edge of physical and psychological collapse. Our responsibility is to support the Third Age people who have been left helpless without modern and anthropocentric national strategies. In contrast, other countries have made significant progress in this direction.



Your support will allow us to provide a better quality of life to thousands of people by implementing specific programs and good practices, either by incorporating current but outdated national strategies or designing new ones. It will enable us to intervene dynamically so that our State and society accept that old age is a natural life process and that the elderly must enjoy the same human rights as the rest of us. 


We are inviting you to become a part of our vision, embracing the people of the Third Age. After all, “The level of the quality of life of the elderly demonstrates the cultural level of each country!”.


Demos Antoniou


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