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Meeting with the candidate for Mayor of Aradippou Andreas Zonias

Photo of Andreas Zonias and Demos Antoniou

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory, putting into practice its announcements regarding the open dialogue with the candidates in the upcoming local and European elections, met Mr. Andreas Zonias, the candidate for Mayor of Aradippou.

The engaging discussion was not limited to the problems of older people but also applicable practices for their activation to participate equally in the society and economy of Aradippou Municipality. Mr. Zonias listened with great attention to the Observatory's suggestions regarding prevention, activation of the elderly, social reintegration of older people without a supportive environment, creation of elderly-friendly municipalities, curbing ageism, silver economy, and several others. At the same time, the President of the Observatory, Demos Antoniou, informed Mr. Zonias about the European projects Mentoring Across Borders and Remcread, in which the organization is a partner and which will contribute significantly to the effort for active, healthy, and dignified aging as well as to the social integration and education of refugee and migrant women.

Mr. Zonias, with a clear vision, shared his plans for the elderly of Aradippou Municipality, emphasizing their invaluable contribution to the society and economy of Cyprus. He outlined targeted programs to be implemented in collaboration with the Observatory to activate and socialize older people and stressed the necessity of transforming Aradippou into an age-friendly Municipality.


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