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Meeting with the candidate Deputy Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Demos Katsis

Two men side-by-side posing in front of a poster for the local elections
Συνάντηση με υποψήφιο Αντιδήμαρχο Λεμεσού

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory, fulfilling its commitment to foster open dialogue with candidates in the forthcoming local government elections, convened with Mr. Demos Katsis, the candidate vying for Deputy Mayor of Limassol.

Throughout the meeting, discussions revolved around the challenges encountered by Limassol's elderly population, potential solutions to address these challenges, and opportunities for their engagement within society and the economy. Additionally, deliberations encompassed the Observatory's recommendations for promoting active, dignified, and high-quality aging and addressing health and safety concerns, underscored by the imperative to cultivate Limassol as an age-friendly city.

In turn, Mr. Katsis articulated his proposals concerning the vulnerable demographic aged 65 and above, affirming wholehearted support for the Observatory's initiatives to activate and safeguard the city's older people. Moreover, he expressed his readiness to present his viewpoints and suggestions for Limassol in an open dialogue at the Observatory's premises.


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