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Closure of a Geriatric Clinic

ιατρός κρατάει το χέρι ηλικιωμένου ασθενή

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory strongly voices its profound disappointment regarding the impending closure of Cyprus' first dedicated Geriatric Clinic.

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory strongly voices its profound disappointment regarding the impending closure of Cyprus' first dedicated Geriatric Clinic. This distressing decision does not stem from a lack of satisfactory services or infrastructure; rather, it highlights a disconcerting issue that relegates the elderly to a secondary status in Cyprus society. The root cause of this predicament is none other than the inadequatereimbursements provided by the HIS (Health Insurance Organisation) for the care of elderly patients.


It is disheartening to witness the failure of the Health Insurance Organisation to recognize the extreme vulnerability of the elderly population, with their distinct needs that demand specialized care and a unique approach. When the very institution responsible for healthcare fails to acknowledge this, it erodes the sense of safety and confidence that every elderly person should feel in accessing proper and comprehensive care without complications. It is imperative for all to realize that the elderly are not mere statistics or names on paper; they represent the steadfast pillars upholding our social fabric and, as such, are entitled to the same healthcare rights as the rest of the population.


The issue of inadequate reimbursement for hospitals catering to the elderly is a grave concern that necessitates immediate re-evaluation, especially in cases requiring specialized care. It is widely recognized that the cost of caring for older patients far exceeds that of their younger counterparts. Despite extensive discussions both within and outside of Parliament, little progress has been made in addressing this issue. Regrettably, this is not limited to the specific Geriatric Clinic in question; it affects all hospitals, including the State Health Services Organisation. There are numerous instances where the exorbitant cost of elderly care either forces patients to return home without receiving full recovery or necessary support services or compels hospitals to transfer them to public facilities for further treatment or, even worse, refuse admission due to bed shortages.


The Cyprus Third Age Observatory implores the Health Insurance Organisation to approach this problem with utmost seriousness and take immediate steps to resolve it. At the same time, they urge the government to prioritize fair compensation for hospitals and the establishment of geriatric clinics. The health and well-being of Cyprus' elderly population, as well as the integrity of the General Health System, hang in the balance.


Finally, the Cyprus Third Age Observatory extends its heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Minister of Health, Mrs. Kanari, for her outstanding cooperation, her remarkable sensitivity towards the aging population, and her dedicated work. Furthermore, the Observatory extends their best wishes to the new Minister of Health, Mr. Damianou, as he undertakes this challenging role, assuring him of their full support in implementing the actions outlined in the National Strategy for the Health of the Elderly.


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