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The Observatory is officially member of the European organisation CESES

CESES members


The Cyprus Third Age Observatory has achieved a significant milestone by securing the Brussels-based Confederation of European Senior Expert Services (CESES) membership. The decision was taken unanimously during the Annual General Assembly held on 23 April in Brussels, highlighting the recognition of the Observatory's commitment to promoting the well-being and empowerment of older people in Cyprus.

CESES members have a vast pool of volunteer experts and executives who have either retired or taken some time off work to utilise their expertise by contributing to society and the economy. Membership opens up new avenues for the Observatory to work with a wider network of experts, share good practices, and contribute to initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of older people through specially designed programmes to activate them in the country's society and economy.

The approval of the Observatory's membership underlines its credibility and expertise in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities older people face in Cyprus. Established as an advocate for the rights and interests of older people, the Observatory consistently supports policies and programs that promote active aging, social inclusion, and lifelong learning.

Commenting on this significant achievement, Demos Antoniou, President of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm, stating: "We are thrilled to join CESES, an excellent network committed to promoting the activation of older people around the world. This membership marks recognition of our efforts and will allow us to further our mission of empowering older people in Cyprus."

The Observatory's membership in CESES is of great importance to Cyprus. With a growing population of older people in the country, there is an urgent need for comprehensive support systems and initiatives tailored to their evolving needs. Membership in CESES provides Observatory access to resources, knowledge, exchange opportunities, and collaborative projects that can significantly improve the quality of services and programmes offered to older people in Cyprus.

This development marks a significant step forward in Cyprus' journey towards creating an age-friendly society where older people can lead fulfilling and active lives. By drawing on the expertise and networks available through CESES, the Observatory contributes significantly to building a more inclusive and supportive environment for older people in Cyprus.



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