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Meeting with the Minister of Justice and Public Order Mr. Marios Hartsiotis

χέρια ηλικιωμένου

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, an important meeting unfolded at the Ministry of Justice. Mr. Marios Hartsiotis, the Minister of Justice and Public Order, convened with Mr. Demos Antoniou, President of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory. Accompanying them were Dr. Louis Panagi, the Ministry's Director, Mr. Stelios Papatheodorou, the Chief of Police, and other esteemed officials.

The focal point of the discussion was the grave concern surrounding the abuse and financial exploitation endured by the elderly population, considerations aimed at fortifying the protective framework and combatting such egregious behaviors. It was agreed to strengthen the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Justice, the Cyprus Police, and the Observatory by signing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation. This memorandum will encompass various initiatives, including joint information and education campaigns, establishing emergency response protocols, and enhancing communication channels between the Cyprus Police and the Observatory on a national scale.

The meeting also discussed the annual training sessions for Police officers initiated by the Observatory in 2018. These sessions equip officers with the skills to identify abuse and interact effectively with older individuals. This action is considered good practice for the member states of the European Union, which ranks the Cyprus Police as a pioneer in such issues.

Expressing commendation for the Observatory's comprehensive endeavors, Mr. Hartsiotis underscored the government's and his commitment to safeguarding the welfare of individuals aged 65 and above. Emphasizing the necessity for concerted action, he pledged to prioritize efforts towards this noble cause.

In conclusion, Mr. Antoniou thanked Mr. Hartsiotis for his prompt response to arranging the meeting and his genuine dedication to elderly protection in Cyprus. He underscored the significance of the Director General of the Ministry and the Chief of Police's presence, highlighting the government's and the Ministry's earnest approach towards addressing such critical issues.


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