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Meeting with the First Lady

συνάντηση με την πρώτη κυρία

A meeting occurred on Thursday, 28 September, between the First Lady Philippa Carsera Christodoulides and a delegation from the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, at the Presidential Palace.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the First Lady about the actions and activities of the Observatory, the serious problems faced by older people in our country and the positive prospects of ageing.

Other issues discussed were the abuse and neglect of older people, the apparent ageism, the need for quality care based on the anthropocentric model, good practices for the well-being of the elderly, housing issues and ways for older people to remain active and beneficial to our society and economy. There was also a reference to the "silver economy" and "silver tourism", which can create thousands of new jobs while strengthening the economy of Cyprus.

The First Lady was also informed about the prevention programmes of the Observatory at the Memory and Creative Expression Centre located in Limassol and the need to expand such programmes throughout Cyprus. The prevention programmes' positive impact on the participants' health was highlighted, which is reflected in the reduction of their visits to their personal doctors and hospitals.

The Observatory then detailed its plans to organise a high-level political conference under the auspices of the President of the Republic, with the participation of the Government, MEPs from various political groups, political parties and social organisations, to promote the rights of older people to active, healthy and dignified ageing.

After listening attentively to the information provided by the Observatory, the First Lady congratulated them for their crucial work. She emphasised that the Presidency of the Republic is particularly sensitive to issues regarding older people. She recognised the significant contribution that senior citizens make to the country and society while stressing the importance of respecting every individual, regardless of their age group. All people should have a decent living and be able to be active and socialised at every stage of their lives. He also stressed the importance of preparing the first National Strategy for the Elderly, announced by the competent Deputy Minister, Mrs Evangelou, which will include all key aspects and provide for the coordination of all Ministries and services involved in the ageing issues.

The First Lady said that given the drafting of the first National Strategy for the Health of the Elderly, it is time for prioritisation and work to which the Observatory can make a decisive contribution.

She also stressed that, given the increased life expectancy and the ageing of the European population, old age should be a matter of great concern to all of us.

The First Lady was presented with the report of the Observatory on elder abuse and neglect in Cyprus. At the end of the meeting, she was asked to become High Patron of the Observatory, which she gladly accepted.


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