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Meeting with the Cypriot MEP Mr Costas Mavrides

On Wednesday, June 7, 2023, Mr Demos Antoniou, the President of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, met with Mr Costas Mavridis, a Member of the European Parliament with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. The meeting occurred at the European Parliament in Brussels and centred around crucial topics related to the Third Age.

The discussion primarily focused on the significant demographic changes resulting from the ageing population, addressing ageism, elder abuse, and neglect. Mr Antoniou emphasised the potential of the Third Age in the context of the "silver" economy, highlighting how the ageing population could generate numerous employment opportunities while contributing to the growth of sectors such as tourism, innovation, and healthcare.

Furthermore, Mr Antoniou provided an in-depth overview of the "Mentoring Across Borders" program, a European initiative aimed at supporting lifelong learning and the overall development of individuals. This program facilitates an intergenerational, cross-border mentoring platform between experienced older adults and young apprentices (aged 18-30) at risk of marginalisation. By fostering this mentorship relationship, the program seeks to enhance people's educational, professional, and personal growth.

Overall, the meeting between Mr Antoniou and Mr Mavridis delved into crucial matters concerning the Third Age, addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with an ageing society while emphasising the significance of intergenerational cooperation and support.

After acknowledging the immense contribution made by individuals in the third age, Mr Mavridis attentively listened to the concerns presented by the Observatory. Recognising the future challenges arising from the rapid ageing of the population, he agreed on the necessity of initiating a social dialogue to address these issues.

Mr Mavridis shared the viewpoint that the Third Age, with its unique characteristics, holds the potential to foster new business ventures that can yield significant socio-economic benefits. However, he emphasised the importance of governmental belief and support in such endeavours, urging the state to provide incentives and facilitate the necessary infrastructure.

The Cypriot MEP underlined his unwavering support for the Observatory's efforts in safeguarding the human rights of older people and promoting a high quality of life as they age. Ensuring the well-being and dignity of older people remained a core commitment for Mr Mavridis.

Additionally, the meeting addressed plans for organising a high-level conference on the Third Age in Cyprus in collaboration with the AGE Platform. This conference would promote discussions surrounding active, healthy, and dignified ageing. The intention is to provide older individuals with a platform to voice their concerns and put forth suggestions for effectively addressing the challenges they face and preparing for the significant demographic changes that lie ahead.

By convening such a conference, the goal is to facilitate meaningful dialogue and ensure that the perspectives and needs of older people are heard and considered. The conference would foster awareness, share best practices, and encourage collaboration among stakeholders to enhance older individuals' overall well-being and quality of life.


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