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Report: abuse of elderly people in Cyprus

Δημοσιογραφική διάσκεψη σχετικά με την κακοποίηση ηλικιωμένων
Presentation of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory Report on abuse, neglect, financial exploitation of elderly people and ageism in Cyprus.

Protecting seniors from mistreatment, including abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and age-based discrimination, is not just an ethical necessity but a responsibility we owe to our elders. As our society ages, addressing the critical issue of elder mistreatment becomes increasingly urgent. This includes protection against physical, emotional harm, neglect, or financial manipulation.

This report outlines what constitutes elder mistreatment, its signs, potential perpetrators, and reasons why seniors might not report such incidents. It also explores the repercussions of mistreatment and discusses preventive strategies to safeguard seniors from all forms of harmful behavior. We advocate for a collaborative approach between community stakeholders and government bodies to foster a culture where respect and empathy guide the treatment of the elderly.

Read the Report in pdf

Έκθεση για την κακοποίηση 2023 - ηλεκτρονική έκδοση
Download PDF • 856KB


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