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Institutional ageism

ηλικιακός ρατσισμός

At the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, our commitment is to protect the human rights of older individuals. We strongly condemn ageism that occurs in public and semi-governmental services.

Institutional ageism stems from individual biases held by certain public and quasi-public officials against older people and systemic issues perpetuated by the state. The state can inadvertently or deliberately disadvantage older citizens through its policies, practices, and legislation. When the state overlooks or condones these deeply rooted prejudices and inequalities within its institutions, it widens the chasm of injustice. Such institutional ageism poses a grave concern, as it obstructs older individuals from fully realising and enjoying their inherent human rights.

It is imperative for the state and its various entities to recognise and comprehend the ramifications of institutional ageism and take assertive measures to eradicate it. Moreover, institutions and organised bodies must understand that institutional ageism isn't just an isolated issue linked to specific individuals; instead, it pervades the entire government machine.

Age should never dictate a person's value or capabilities, yet it frequently becomes a focal point of discrimination. Ageism is a pressing concern in the civil service that demands serious attention and actionable solutions. It's vital for the government to educate and raise awareness among public officials about the repercussions of institutional ageism. We commend the Minister of Interior, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou, for his commitment to thoroughly investigate the incident at the Nicosia District Administration and ensure accountability. It's essential to remember that racism and discrimination take a heavy toll on senior citizens, significantly affecting their physical and mental well-being.

Through various actions and activities, the Cyprus Third Age Observatory tries to raise public awareness of such racist attitudes to curb and eliminate this phenomenon.


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