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Elderly abuse

June 15 has been globally designated by the United Nations as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, shining a spotlight on a critical issue that profoundly impacts societies worldwide. This significant day serves as a platform to enhance understanding of elder abuse and emphasize the pressing need for compassionate action and effective interventions.

Elder abuse remains a pervasive problem, affecting vulnerable individuals due to various factors such as isolation, dependence, and cognitive decline. Sadly, recognizing and addressing this issue is often challenging. Countless incidents of elder abuse go unreported or unnoticed, pushing victims to the brink of physical and psychological breakdowns.

This World Day serves as a powerful call for governments to adopt a resolute stance against abuse, while highlighting the paramount importance of empowering older individuals and safeguarding their inherent dignity. By acknowledging and appreciating their rights, sacrifices, and contributions, we cultivate a society that not only respects the elderly but actively ensures their well-being.

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory, recognizing the gravity of this social phenomenon, plays a crucial role in promoting effective measures and best practices to protect the human rights of older people. By raising awareness in society and fostering conditions for active, healthy, and dignified aging, the observatory contributes to creating a society that cherishes and values its elderly population.


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