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Attacks on elderly people

κακοποίηση ηλικιωμένων

The Cyprus Third Age Observatory is deeply concerned about the recent attacks on older people. Following the incident in Molos Limassol, where a 65-year-old man was brutally beaten, another serious incident occurred involving a 73-year-old woman. These incidents contribute to a more significant problem of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of older people within and outside their familiar environment.

The Observatory once again urges the State to promptly recognize and address the issue of increasing incidents involving elderly victims. It emphasizes the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals aged 65 and over. Additionally, the Observatory calls upon the President of the House of Representatives to take a proactive stance on the Third Age, prioritizing actions and policies that promote active, healthy, and dignified aging.

Our society must take decisive action to protect and honor individuals in the Third Age rather than treating them as second-rate citizens. The older population in Cyprus has endured numerous challenges, making countless sacrifices, particularly since 1974 and subsequent economic crises, for the betterment of this nation. It is unjust for anyone to disregard their invaluable and selfless contributions in any manner.


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