Active and healthy ageing in a
​society without age discrimination!

Our main concern is to promote and at the same time safeguard the human rights of elderly people and people with Dementia/Alzheimer and improve their quality of life, based on the policies, principles and values of the European Union and the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. The people of the Third Age have the right to a life without age discrimination, equal opportunities and treatment, as well as active social participation at all levels.

Our Organisation promotes healthy ageing with the wider understanding, acknowledges age maturity as the natural course of life and focuses on the importance of expectancy for a better and more meaningful quality of life. This is achieved by promoting and developing policies and good practices so that people of the Third Age become or remain capable in controlling their lives, especially when they are facing age related difficulties.

Our Goals

  • A society without age discrimination

  • Age friendly services 

  • Quality of life

  • Safeguard the human rights of elderly citizens

  • Accessibility to health

  • Active and healthy ageing

  • Opportunities to life-long learning

  • Employment opportunities

  • Active social participation

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of people who share the same vision, who care about the community and are particularly sensitive to Third Age issues. Through collective and voluntary efforts, they work daily to improve the quality of life of the elderly in our country, to recognise their contribution and to eliminate ageism. The members of the Board are constantly updated on the developments and good practices successfully applied in other countries. At the same time, they are trained in specific areas participating in European and other special programmes.

Δήμος Αντωνίου
Demos Antoniou
Στέλιος Στυλιανού
Stelios Stylianou
Άντρος Χριστοδούλου
Andros Christodoulou
Μαρία Θεμιστοκλέους
Maria Themistocleous
Alexia Kolota
Γιαννούλα Αντωνίου
Yiannis Tsangarides
Αλέξης Αντωνίου
Alexis Antoniou

Manager of the Memory Centre

Γιαννούλα Αντωνίου
Yiannoula Antoniou

Founding Documents (in Greek)