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Meeting with the Archbishop of Cyprus and the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance

Archbishop of Cyprus and the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance met with the Cyprus Third Age Observatory for the MAB Project

The President of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, Demos Antoniou, met last week with the Archbishop of Cyprus, Georgios and the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Mr. Yiannis Panayiotou.

The meetings, conducted by Mr. Antoniou, aimed to raise awareness about the challenges the elderly face and the benefits of aging. He delivered a comprehensive report prepared by the Cyprus Third Age Observatoryhighlighting abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and ageism-related issues.

Additionally, Mr. Antoniou briefed the Archbishop and the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance on the potential of the silver economy to bolster Cyprus's economy and introduced the "Mentoring Across Borders (MAB)" program. This program plans to recruit and train seasoned professionals aged 50 and above to mentor voluntarily. These mentors will guide young adults aged 18-30, particularly those at risk of being marginalized, in enhancing their professional and social skills, thereby promoting equal employment opportunities and societal integration. The initiative extends to nine countries, including Cyprus.

The Archbishop of Cyprus attentively and concerningly received information about the issues elderly face. He concurred that actions are necessary to combat both abuse and ageism, emphasizing the Church of Cyprus's commitment to support these efforts. Expressing appreciation to Mr. Antoniou for the insights, the Archbishop also accepted the Observatory's invitation to inaugurate the Political Conference on Ageing at the Presidential Palace on the 8th of December.

The Minister of Labour and Social Insurance expressed his appreciation to Mr. Antoniou for the comprehensive update on the challenges faced by elderly pensioners. He then detailed his proposal to remove the 12% actuarial reduction on the basic pension for individuals with 40 years of contributions. He emphasized that this plan aligns with the financial capabilities of the Social Insurance Fund, ensuring its sustainability without necessitating increased contributions. Additionally, Mr. Panayiotou accepted the invitation from the Observatory to be a speaker at the Political Conference on Ageing, in the round table discussion on "Silver Economy and its Contribution to the Economies of the Member States". In response, Mr. Antoniou thanked Mr. Panayiotou for his insights on the actuarial reduction and noted that he would soon present the Observatory's perspective on this matter.


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