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Meeting in Bonn for the Mentoring Across Borders project

Mentoring Across Borders in Bonn
In October 2023, the Mentoring Across Borders (MAB) partners held a meeting in Bonn, Germany. The meeting took place at the offices of Senior Experten Service (SES), a non-profit organisation that operates in 170 countries and currently has 13,000 volunteers who serve as mentors for young people. Furthermore, SES completed successfully more than 60.000 missions since 1983.

The EU-funded MAB project has a noble objective: to empower seasoned professionals aged 50 and above by equipping them with the skills and structure needed to become mentors. These dedicated volunteers will play a pivotal role in supporting individuals aged 18 to 30, including those facing the risk of marginalisation, in enhancing their social and professional competencies. Ultimately, the aim is to improve their employability prospects and facilitate their smooth integration into society.

The meeting served a dual purpose: firstly, to apprise our partners of the ongoing advancements within the program, and secondly, to unveil the specialised online platform designed to seamlessly connect mentors with young individuals seeking guidance tailored to their unique requirements. In addition, a comprehensive and intricate overview of the German mentoring system for young people and refugees was provided, emphasising its role in facilitating their seamless assimilation, primarily into the German economy and society, as well as other countries. With a remarkable four-decade history of outstanding results, this program serves as a global exemplar, showcasing the profound impact that can be realised with vision and determination.

Mr. Demos Antoniou, President of the Cyprus Third Age Observatory, assumed to represent the organisation during this event. In this capacity, he had the privilege of expounding upon the organisation's proposals and insights pertaining to the effective execution of this program within Cyprus. This initiative is anticipated to benefit both adults aspiring to remain engaged and young individuals who require assistance and guidance. Additionally, the Observatory has plans to convene a joint meeting with the Ministers of Labour, Interior, and the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare. The primary objective of this meeting is to bolster the policymaking efforts to foster the inclusion of marginalised youth and refugees into Cyprus' society and economy.


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